Finance Policy Committee

HELD IN Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Byng Street, Orange AND via Online Conferencing Platform Zoom

ON 11 August 2020


 1      Introduction


Cr J Whitton (Chairperson), Cr R Kidd (Mayor), Cr S Romano (Deputy Mayor), Cr K Duffy, Cr J Hamling, Cr J McRae (Zoom), Cr T Mileto, Cr S Munro, Cr S Nugent, Cr G Taylor, Cr R Turner

Chief Executive Officer, Acting Director Corporate and Commercial Services (Redmond), Director Development Services, Director Community, Recreation and Cultural Services, Director Technical Services, Acting Manager Corporate Governance (Constantine), Manager Financial Services (Zoom), Executive Support Manager.







2       General Reports

2.1     Request for Financial Assistance - Post Exhibition - Duntryleague Golf Club

TRIM Reference:        2020/1131

RESOLVED - 20/234                                                                          Cr S Romano/Cr S Munro

That Council support the request for Financial Assistance from Duntryleague Golf Club to:

1        To support the diversion of stormwater from Woodward Street into Duntryleague;

2        That funding of $3,500 for the infrastructure and wages in addition to the Development Application Fees ($230) and Road Opening Permit Fees ($437.50) for the Duntryleague Golf Club Storm Water diversion be funded from Road Maintenance Fund;

3        That subject to the approval of a Development Application, Council:

I.    Undertake all survey work;

II.   Gift three x 600mm diameter storm water pipes;

III.  Reimburse Development Application fees;

IV.  Waive all Road Opening Permit fees; and

V.   Assist with the lodgement and approval of the RMS Road Occupancy License together with the Works Authorisation Deed as a contribution/works in kind.

For: Cr Kidd, Cr Duffy, Cr Hamling, Cr Mileto, Cr Munro, Cr Nugent , Cr Romano, Cr Taylor, Cr Turner, Cr Whitton

Against: Cr McRae

Absent: Nil


Cr McRae stated she had raised concerns regarding Councils liability and warranty for Council or Council Staff during any works process.

The Acting Director Corporate & Commercial Services stated that Council will not be undertaking any works, will create a deed of release and also have insurance and public liability insurance.


Cr Nugent stated that the diversion of some of the storm water may also have some benefits in water infrastructure for the city.

The Director Technical Services advised the catchment to be detoured amounts to 4 hectares, the total catchment of the city is 3000 hectares, therefore only 0.1% of the total impervious area is proposed to be detoured. Any additional overflow from the dam will return to the catchment. The diversion also takes some pressure from the existing system and allows existing pipes to hold more capacity.


Cr Mileto asked what the wages component comprise of as this sets a precedent.

Cr Kidd stated that this does not set a precedent but in fact Council has invested in a number of facilities such as toilet blocks at Waratahs and Kinross which could also be considered for profit organisation.

The Director Technical Services advised that the total cost includes the value for the pipes and installation costs, no-one is getting paid as such, but it totals the in-kind value all up.



Cr McRae stated that this information is conflicting and asked if Council is doing the works.

The Director Technical Services stated that Council will install the pipes on our footpath but not undertake any dam works.


2.2     Request for Financial Assistance - Banjo Paterson Festival - National Bush Poetry Championships - 18 to 20 February 2020

TRIM Reference:        2020/1265

RESOLVED - 20/235                                                                           Cr S Nugent/Cr R Turner

That Council resolves that funding of $12,000 be made from the Quick Response Event Sponsorship Funding Program to Rotary Club of Orange Inc. (Banjo Paterson Festival – National Bush Poetry Championships 2020).

For: Cr Kidd, Cr Duffy, Cr Hamling, Cr McRae, Cr Mileto, Cr Munro, Cr Nugent , Cr Romano, Cr Taylor, Cr Turner, Cr Whitton

Against: Nil

Absent: Nil


Cr Duffy asked if the event did not go ahead would the organisation keep the money.

The Chief Executive Officer advised no, the funds will be returned if it does not go ahead.


The Meeting Closed at 8.17PM