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4 February 2020





Council Meeting                                                                                         4 February 2020

Late Items


5                General Reports. 3

5.5            Council Meeting Relocation. 3


Council Meeting                                                                                         4 February 2020

5       General Reports

5.5     Council Meeting Relocation

RECORD NUMBER:       2020/173

AUTHOR:                       Janessa Constantine, Governance Coordinator    




The Civic Centre lift is currently out of order due to replacement. During this time the Council Chambers where Council Meetings are generally held is not available to those needing accessible access. There is currently not a definitive date of completion of the lift works, however it is anticipated this be completed by the end of March 2020. Due to the access issue it is proposed to relocate the upcoming Council Meetings during this period.

Link To Delivery/OPerational Plan

The recommendation in this report relates to the Delivery/Operational Plan strategy “17.1 Collaborate - Provide representative, responsible and accountable community governance”.

Financial Implications

Venue Hire and Catering Costs as required.

Policy and Governance Implications

Councils Strategic Policy – ST050 – Code of Meetings Practice specifies meetings are to be livestreamed and recorded. In the interest of community accessibility allowing all residents or interested persons to attend meetings, it is proposed to resolve to deviate from the code in order to facilitate this access.



That Council resolves to:

1     Hold the Council Meetings of 18 February 2020, 3 March 2020 and 17 March 2020 at alternate locations;

2     Hold these meetings at Waratahs, Bowen and Glenroi; and

3     Divert from the Code of Meeting Practice for the three Council Meetings.


further considerations

Consideration has been given to the recommendation’s impact on Council’s service delivery; image and reputation; political; environmental; health and safety; employees; stakeholders and project management; and no further implications or risks have been identified.


The Civic Centre lift is in the process of being replaced, a process which commenced in January 2020. The replacement project is estimated to be completed by the end of March 2020.

As at 4 February 2020, there are a further three Council meetings during this time without lift access to the Council Chambers.

In order to ensure access to meetings is available to all persons, in particular those who require accessible access, it is proposed to relocate the meetings of 18 February, 3 March and 17 March 2020 to facilitate this access and promote the inclusiveness of all sections of the community.

The relocation of Council Meetings during this period poses technological issues in the ability to livestream and record those meetings, which in turn is inconsistent with the requirements of Council’s Strategic Policy – ST050 – Code of Meeting Practice. A resolution of Council is required to deviate from the policy during this period.

A number of alternative locations have been identified including:

·    Orange Civic Theatre Foyer

·    Waratahs Sports Club

·    Bowen Public School

·    Glenroi Public School

·    Calare Public School

·    Lucknow Hall

·    Spring Hill Hall


Each alternative location listed above is subject to availability as enquiries have not yet been made to ascertain the availability of these centres and each location does not have the capability for Council to livestream and record the meeting.

The proposal of moving the meetings into the different community locations gives the residents in each area a chance to attend and be part of a meeting that is targeted at their particular needs. It is proposed to hold an open forum at each meeting to allow the community to address Council on specific issues relating to their section of the community.

The addition of suggestions other than Lucknow and Spring Hill are included as Council has previously held meetings in these outlying areas, however has not taken meetings into other local areas of the community within Orange.

Due to the sensitive nature of any items to be dealt with under closed session, it should be noted an additional extraordinary closed session of Council should be held in the Council Chambers on an alternate date during this period if so required.

It is recommended that Council relocate meetings during this period and nominate three possible alterative locations to hold these meetings, pending availability.