Infrastructure Policy Committee




3 December 2019



Notice is hereby given, in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993 that a Infrastructure Policy Committee meeting of ORANGE CITY COUNCIL will be held in the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Byng Street, Orange on Tuesday, 3 December 2019.



David Waddell

Chief Executive Officer


For apologies please contact Administration on 6393 8218.



Infrastructure Policy Committee                                                        3 December 2019



1                Introduction.. 3

1.1            Declaration of pecuniary interests, significant non-pecuniary interests and less than significant non-pecuniary interests. 3

2                General Reports. 5

2.1            Current Works. 5


Infrastructure Policy Committee                                                        3 December 2019


1       Introduction

1.1     Declaration of pecuniary interests, significant non-pecuniary interests and less than significant non-pecuniary interests

The provisions of Chapter 14 of the Local Government Act, 1993 (the Act) regulate the way in which Councillors and designated staff of Council conduct themselves to ensure that there is no conflict between their private interests and their public role.

The Act prescribes that where a member of Council (or a Committee of Council) has a direct or indirect financial (pecuniary) interest in a matter to be considered at a meeting of the Council (or Committee), that interest must be disclosed as soon as practicable after the start of the meeting and the reasons given for declaring such interest.

As members are aware, the provisions of the Local Government Act restrict any member who has declared a pecuniary interest in any matter from participating in the discussion or voting on that matter, and requires that member to vacate the Chamber.

Council’s Code of Conduct provides that if members have a non-pecuniary conflict of interest, the nature of the conflict must be disclosed. The Code of Conduct also provides for a number of ways in which a member may manage non pecuniary conflicts of interest.


It is recommended that Committee Members now disclose any conflicts of interest in matters under consideration by the Infrastructure Policy Committee at this meeting.


Infrastructure Policy Committee                                                       3 December 2019



2       General Reports

2.1     Current Works

RECORD NUMBER:       2019/2520

AUTHOR:                       Ian Greenham, Director Technical Services    




The purpose of this report is to update Council on construction and maintenance works which have been carried out since the last current works report to Council.

Link To Delivery/OPerational Plan

The recommendation in this report relates to the Delivery/Operational Plan strategy “9.1 Preserve - Construct and maintain a road network meets the community’s transport and infrastructure needs”.

Financial Implications


Policy and Governance Implications




That Council resolves to note the report on Current Works.


further considerations

Consideration has been given to the recommendation’s impact on Council’s service delivery; image and reputation; political; environmental; health and safety; employees; stakeholders and project management; and no further implications or risks have been identified.


Road Maintenance

Routine maintenance activities were undertaken across the city.

Road Upgrading

Shiralee Road upgrading

Stage one kerb and gutter was formed and the roadway completed ready for sealing.  Crews have then moved north on to Stage 2 and are currently excavating in preparation for the new pavement.

Council subdivision works at George Weily Place

Asphalt surfacing was placed on to the new roadway.

Electrical servicing infrastructure was installed.

Photo: Newly constructed roadway in the George Weily Place subdivision

Traffic Facilities

Roundabout at Hill Street and Matthews Avenue

Works continued at this intersection in the following areas:

·    Construction of new kerb and gutter

·    Replacement of water mains

·    Installation of new stormwater drainage

·    Excavation and construction of new road pavement

Photo: Crews pouring new kerb and gutter at Hill Street and Matthews Avenue roundabout

Concrete and Drainage

Footpath construction

Footpaths were constructed in:

·     Park off William Maker Drive

·     Moonstone Drive

·     Peisley Street

Footpath replacements were undertaken in:

·     March Street


The type and number of water supply service responses by maintenance staff are shown in the table below.



July 2018 – June 2019

October 2019

Leaking meters



Faulty meters (incorrect readings)



No supply



Water pressure complaints



Meter box/lid replacements



Water quality



Service break



Service leak



Main break



Main leak



Valve leak



Hydrant leak



Total Water Requests




Private Works Orders

·    Lot 403, Connemara Drive 20mm water service and sewer junction

·    6 Handford Place 20mm water service and sewer manhole

·    Lot 204 Escort Way 40mm potable water service and 32mm non potable water service

·    40 Stevenson Way 20mm dual water service and sewer junction

Construction Works

·    Works have been completed on the water main renewal of Carroll Street and Sale Street Orange. These works included the renewal of 320m of water main and transferring all associated water services.

·    Works have been completed on the installation of a 20mm water service and associated pipework for the park on Young Street.

·    Works have been completed on the water main relocation associated with the Hill Street and Matthews Avenue roundabout.

New Water Services

·    Winter Street 20mm water service

·    3 Jessie Rise 20mm water service

·    23 Hughes Street 20mm new water service

·    Installation of 2 x 25mm water services to Wirraburra Walk.

Water Service Renewals

·    55 Hill Street

·    8 Wiare Circuit

·    60 Gardiner Road

·    142 Sale Street

·    342 Anson Street


The type and number of sewer service responses by maintenance staff are shown in the table below.



July 2018 – June 2019

October 2019

Sewer blockages









Total Sewer Requests




Sewer Construction Works

·    Works have commenced on the 2019/20 sewer vent removal program. It is programed for 10 sewer vents to be removed in this year’s contract.

·    Raised manhole at 38 Spring Street.

·    Sewer reconstruction of 8 Darcy Place.


Water Storage Levels

The combined storage of Suma Park and Spring Creek Dams as at 15 November 2019 is 27.25%. Water storage trends for the combined storages since January 2017 are shown in the graph below.




Level Below Spillway (m)

% of Capacity

Suma Park Dam



Spring Creek Dam



Lake Canobolas



Gosling Creek Dam




The release of water from Spring Creek Dam to Suma Park Dam (via creek) began on Monday 30 September when the storage was at 66.67%, and continued through until 30 October when the storage was at 35%.

Supplementary Raw Water Sources

Extractions from the supplementary raw water supplies in recent months are provided in the table below.


Raw Water Source

August 2019 (ML)

September 2019 (ML)

October 2019 (ML)

Total (ML) 2019/2020











Macquarie River










* Bores include two at Clifton Grove and one at the Showground

A more detailed monthly summary of raw water transfers can be found on Council’s website at

The Decision Support Tool (DST) water year analysis for the period 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 has been completed. Continuing dry conditions require all available supplementary raw water sources to be operated.


Macquarie River Flows

The flows in the Macquarie River monitored downstream of Long Point (Station 421192) did not exceed the flow rate trigger of 108 ML/d for the period of 23 October to 20 November 2019. The maximum flow rate for the period was 24.9 ML/day.

The chart below was sourced from the WaterNSW website with flows presented in megalitres per day (ML/d).

The Water Supply (Critical Needs) Bill 2019

This Bill passed by both Houses of NSW Parliament on Thursday 14 November, and at the time of writing, was awaiting assent. The temporary (2 year) legislation references a number of key projects around the State, including the Macquarie River to Orange pipeline. This will allow Council to seek authorisation to amend operation conditions for the existing Macquarie River to Orange pipeline. Council staff have prepared an application to request a reduction in the flow rate trigger from 108 ML/day to 38 ML/day, the latter being the level at which the environmental assessment for the project was initially conducted.

Demand Management

Water Restrictions

Level 5 water restrictions were introduced on Sunday 6 October 2019.

The Demand Management Team continues to deliver a very successful water conservation program across Orange. Both residential and non-residential strategies are being developed and implemented by this team.

Two successful Public Water Forums were held on Monday 4 November 2019 and Thursday 7 November 2019. Those in attendance left the Forums much better informed about previous and current work that is being carried out by Council.


Residential water use

Average daily residential water consumption during the week ending 14 November 2019 was 134 litres per person per day. The target under Level 5 water restrictions is 160 litres per person per day. The graph below shows the average daily residential water consumption trends since August 2018.

Non-residential water use

Letters to the 29 largest water use businesses have been sent with a view that Council will provide assistance in undertaking Water Audits for these businesses in the near future. As required under Level 5 Water Restrictions, these businesses will then need to complete Water Savings Action Plans.

Total water use

The average daily city-wide water consumption (all users) for the period between 18 October and 15 November 2019 was 8.58 ML/day.

Council facility water audits

Council staff are undertaking remediation works identified in previous water audits on Council facilities.

Leak Detection

Council is currently undertaking a leak detection program across the city which also includes Lucknow and Spring Hill. The Leak Detection program is expected to be completed in December 2019 with full results to be provided after the completion of the program.



Water samples are collected as a component of Orange City Council’s Drinking Water Quality Monitoring Program in accordance with NSW Health requirements. Samples are collected regularly and sent to a NSW Government National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) accredited laboratory for analysis. Samples collected in October 2019 complied with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.


Tenders close on Monday 25 November for the construction of the proposed Shiralee sewer.  The new work extends the sewer infrastructure from Endeavour Park to the proposed Southern Feeder Road alignment (Park Road) largely following Shiralee Creek.  Council has executed an infrastructure licence with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to facilitate a rail underbore on the Orange to Parkes railway line and agreement has been reached with the two landholders affected by the alignment.  It is anticipated that physical works will commence early in the new calendar year. 

Southern Feeder Road CONSTRUCTION STAGE 2 (SFR2)

At present the backfilling of abutments is taking place which involves the construction of a reinforced earth wall (RSW) incorporating steel straps back into the compacted soil.  Once complete this work will facilitate the bridge construction over the railway line.

Photo: Western side reinforced soil wall

Asphalting of Edward Street and the SFR east of the bridge is anticipated to occur on 22 November.  This will allow the traffic lights on the Elsham Avenue / Blowes Road intersection to be removed over Christmas.

Work is continuing at the Huntley Road, Elsham Avenue and McNeilly Avenue tie-ins.  Works are expected to be completed within the first half of the new calendar year.

Photo: Edward Street intersection

Photo: Lintel installation on SFR

AstiLl Drive Pound

As previously reported the excavation work for the stormwater and concrete slab exposed significant naturally occurring asbestos (NOA).  As such the floor level of the pound was raised slightly to minimise excavation.

At present boxing is in place in preparation for the slab pour which is expected to occur in early December.


A small dedicated team of Council staff lead by Ben Brennan have done a great job this last week replacing the festoon lighting to LED lighting. This lighting will save on energy consumption as well as being a more reliable fitting, saving on future replacement costs.


Council has engaged engineering consultants Cardno to design the nine stormwater basins required in Shiralee for stormwater management through Local Government procurement.

Some of the basins will have a wet bottom to sustain habitat, others will be a normal dry floor basin. One will be a sporting field.  The designs incorporate the structural design of the dam walls and spillways and require a geotechnical investigation at the basins’ locations.

The design and construction of the basins are funded through section 7.11 contribution (previously S.94 contributions).



Passenger numbers for October 2019 were 8071 compared with 7435 in the same month in 2018. 




Energy used at the airport during September 2019 was 21,214.12 kWh at a cost to Council of $5,844.15.


The following information is sourced from E21, Council’s energy software.

Monday 18 November 2019