Finance Policy Committee




1 October 2019



Notice is hereby given, in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993 that a Finance Policy Committee meeting of ORANGE CITY COUNCIL will be held in the Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Byng Street, Orange on Tuesday, 1 October 2019.



David Waddell

Chief Executive Officer


For apologies please contact Administration on 6393 8218.



Finance Policy Committee                                                                         1 October 2019



1                Introduction.. 3

1.1            Declaration of pecuniary interests, significant non-pecuniary interests and less than significant non-pecuniary interests. 3

2                General Reports. 5

2.1            Request for Financial Assistance - Australian National Field Days 2019 - Street Sweeper  5


Finance Policy Committee                                                                         1 October 2019


1       Introduction

1.1     Declaration of pecuniary interests, significant non-pecuniary interests and less than significant non-pecuniary interests

The provisions of Chapter 14 of the Local Government Act, 1993 (the Act) regulate the way in which Councillors and designated staff of Council conduct themselves to ensure that there is no conflict between their private interests and their public role.

The Act prescribes that where a member of Council (or a Committee of Council) has a direct or indirect financial (pecuniary) interest in a matter to be considered at a meeting of the Council (or Committee), that interest must be disclosed as soon as practicable after the start of the meeting and the reasons given for declaring such interest.

As members are aware, the provisions of the Local Government Act restrict any member who has declared a pecuniary interest in any matter from participating in the discussion or voting on that matter, and requires that member to vacate the Chamber.

Council’s Code of Conduct provides that if members have a non-pecuniary conflict of interest, the nature of the conflict must be disclosed. The Code of Conduct also provides for a number of ways in which a member may manage non pecuniary conflicts of interest.


It is recommended that Committee Members now disclose any conflicts of interest in matters under consideration by the Finance Policy Committee at this meeting.


Finance Policy Committee                                                                         1 October 2019

2       General Reports

2.1     Request for Financial Assistance - Australian National Field Days 2019 - Street Sweeper

RECORD NUMBER:       2019/2029

AUTHOR:                       Sharon D'Elboux, Manager Business Development    




Council can only assist other organisations financially (in cash or in kind) in accordance with section 356 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Council has in place a policy for donations to be made under section 356 of the Act and annually advertises for applications under this policy. Additional applications are received during the year. This report provides the most recently received requests for funding under the current policy titled Donations and Grants. 

Orange Australian National Field Days (ANFD) Committee have requested a works in-kind donation from Council for sweeping of the site with Council’s road suction sweeper.  This request is in addition to the approved $5,000 received under Councils Donations and Grants Fund for 2019/20.

Link To Delivery/OPerational Plan

The recommendation in this report relates to the Delivery/Operational Plan strategy “11.2 Prosper - Develop and attract a variety of events, festivals, venues and activities for locals and visitors, ensuring accessibility for all”.

Financial Implications

Council has previously resolved to support the National Field Days event with a cash donation in 2019/20 of $5,000.

The in kind donation would be funded from Council’s existing road maintenance budget. The expected cost to Council of the sweeping would be $712 exclusive of GST. 

Policy and Governance Implications

A Council resolution is required to allocate funds to any external entity.

Process for applications of the remaining budget allocation.

Applications are considered against the criteria outlined in the donations and grants policies. There is an application form that is submitted to commence the process of making a submission. The form contains details to inform Council that the funding request aligns with the intentions the Council has established in the Community Strategic Plan.




The Council resolves:

1        To approve an “in kind” donation in the form of street sweeping services to a value of $712 exclusive of GST to Australian National Field Days 2019 event.



further considerations

Consideration has been given to the recommendation’s impact on Council’s service delivery; image and reputation; political; environmental; health and safety; employees; stakeholders and project management; and no further implications or risks have been identified.


The ANFD Committee have requested the in-kind assistance of Council’s street sweeper for the 2019 event. This information was not included in the original application for event sponsorship which was approved at the Finance Policy Committee meeting on 2 July 2019.  A summary of the approved funding is:


Application No 9

Australian National Field Days

Not for Profit


Event Name

Australian National Field Days

Event Date/s

24-26 October 2019 at the Australian National Field Day site.

Level of Participation

Up to 20,000 people and 600 exhibitors

Ticketed Event

Yes – Prices not listed in the application

Amount Requested


Alignment with Councils Community Strategic Plan


Comment and Recommendation

In align with the policy. $5,000 recommended. Approved by Council at Finance Policy Committee meeting on 2 July 2019.

Council is now considering a second request for an in-kind donation of $712 exclusive of GST to cover costs associated with the supply of the street sweeper.


The Australian National Field Days is a significant regional event with over 600 exhibitors and up to 20,000 visitors attending the three day event. Statistics provided by the ANFD Committee to Council state the exhibitors stay an average of 3 nights in accommodation in Orange and support local venues, eateries, supermarkets and service stations.