Ordinary Council Meeting


Late Items


4 December 2018





Council Meeting                                                                                       4 December 2018

Late Items


2                Mayoral Minutes. 3

2.1            Ophir Carpark Fees over the 2018 Christmas Period. 3

4                Notices of Motion/Notices of Rescission.. 5

4.2            Level 3 Water Restrictions. 5


Council Meeting                                                                                       4 December 2018



2       Mayoral Minutes

2.1     Ophir Carpark Fees over the 2018 Christmas Period

RECORD NUMBER:       2018/3009



Mayoral Minute

As Council has done on occasion, the waiving of parking fees in the Ophir Carpark in the lead up to Christmas has eased the pressure on the CBD during the busiest retail period in the year for both retail staff and customers.



That Council resolves to waive the parking fees of the Ophir Carpark for the period 5 December 2018 to 2 January 2019.



Reg Kidd


Historically, as could be expected, the month of December is a peak period for use of the Ophir Carpark.

Waiving of fees in this carpark during the period 5 December 2018 – 2 January 2019 to ease pressure on CBD parking during this period is suggested.


In the past, the removal of parking fees has been supported on the basis of providing some support for local businesses in the CBD and also to relieve pressure on parking spaces within the CBD. Last year it was noted that the use of the carpark increased to near 100% occupancy during the Christmas period when parking was provided free of charge (NB: period of free parking in December 2017 was closer to Christmas and extended into January therefore figures were still reported for December 2017 as per below). Signage can be placed on the parking pay stations advising when the period of free parking applies and also when it will cease in order to avoid any confusion.

Financial Implications

Revenue figures for Ophir carpark in the past two years for December are as follows:


December 2016


December 2017




Council Meeting                                                                                       4 December 2018



4       Notices of Motion/Notices of Rescission

4.2     Level 3 Water Restrictions

RECORD NUMBER:       2018/3037



I, CR Glenn Taylor wish to move the following Notice of Motion at the Council Meeting of 4 December 2018:



That Council defer stage 3 water restrictions until mid-January 2019 at which time the decision can be again reviewed.




I have been approached by a number of residents expressing their concern that these restrictions will be highly inconvenient just prior to and during the Christmas season.


Signed Cr Glenn Taylor


The main difference with level 2 and 3 water restrictions is the ban on hand-held hoses, with the aim of reducing demand from a theoretical 240 to 220 litres per person per day. The trigger point for level 3 restrictions was reached today, Tuesday 27 November 2018, as predicted with a combined storage of 49.93%.

These restrictions are currently planned to commence this Saturday 1 December 2018.

It is understandable that Council would give consideration to such a motion as the actual water demand from residents through October/November has been only 209 litres per second per day and this will reward those water-wise residents.

However, by delaying the commencement of water restrictions, without any significant forecast wet weather will only fast track the commencement of subsequent level 4 (at 40% combined storage) and level 5 restrictions (at 35% combined storage).

Council needs to consider its reputation with State Water Authorities when we are looking to relax conditions of consent at level 5 restrictions and above if we have actively brought about these conditions by not following our own water policies.

It should be noted that Bathurst commenced level 3 water restrictions yesterday, Monday 26 November 2018 whilst Dubbo currently have no water restrictions in place.