Ordinary Council Meeting

HELD IN Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Byng Street, Orange

ON 26 September 2017


 1      Introduction


Cr R Kidd (Mayor), Cr K Duffy, Cr J Hamling, Cr J McRae, Cr T Mileto, Cr S Munro, Cr S Nugent, Cr M Previtera, Cr S Romano,  Cr G Taylor, Cr R Turner, Cr J Whitton

General Manager, Manager Building and Environment, Works Manager, Manager Administration and Governance, Manager Corporate and Community Relations




RESOLVED - 17/415                                                                           Cr G Taylor/Cr S Munro

That the Media be permitted to record and livestream the Council Meeting.




1.3     Declaration of pecuniary interests, significant non-pecuniary interests and less than significant non-pecuniary interests


2       Mayoral Minutes


3       Confirmation of Minutes of Previous Meeting

RESOLVED - 17/416                                                                         Cr J Hamling/Cr S Munro

That the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Orange City Council held on 5 September 2017 (copies of which were circulated to all members) be and are hereby confirmed as a true and accurate record of the proceedings of the Council meeting held on 5 September 2017.


4       Notices of Motion/Notices of Rescission


5       General Reports

5.1     Oath or Affirmation of Office by Councillors

TRIM Reference:        2017/1813

RESOLVED - 17/417                                                                         Cr J Hamling/Cr S Munro

That each Councillor take the oath or affirmation of office.



The following Councillors took the Oath of Office of Council:


Cr Jeff Whitton

Cr Glenn Taylor

Cr Tony Mileto

Cr Sam Romano

Cr Mario Previtera

Cr Reg Kidd


The following Councillors took the Affirmation of Office of Council:


Cr Stephen Nugent

Cr Joanne McRae

Cr Kevin Duffy

Cr Russell Turner

Cr Scott Munro

Cr Jason Hamling


5.2     Election of Deputy Mayor

TRIM Reference:        2017/1812

RESOLVED - 17/418                                                                        Cr S Nugent/Cr J Whitton

That Council elect a Deputy Mayor for the 2017/18 period.



RESOLVED - 17/419                                                                         Cr J Whitton/Cr S Munro

That the method of voting for the election of Deputy Mayor be ordinary ballot.



RESOLVED - 17/420                                                                          Cr S Munro/Cr S Nugent

That the General Manager, acting a Returning Officer, conduct the election for the Deputy Mayor.




The General Manager advised that nominations for Deputy Mayor had been received from Councillors:


-          Joanne McRae

-          Jason Hamling

-          Glenn Taylor

-          Kevin Duffy

-          Tony Mileto

-          Scott Munro


All Councillors accepted their nomination.


Following the first round of voting, Cr Duffy was excluded.


Following the second round of voting, Cr Munro was excluded.


Following the third round of voting, Cr Hamling was excluded.


Following the fourth round of voting, Cr Mileto was excluded.


Following the fifth round of voting, Cr Taylor and Cr McRae were tied. On being drawn by lot, Cr McRae was declared elected Deputy Mayor.


5.3     Dates for Meetings of Council

TRIM Reference:        2017/1810

RESOLVED - 17/421                                                                           Cr R Turner/Cr S Munro

That Council confirm it will continue to hold meetings in accordance with the Code of Meeting Practice, as follows:

1     An Ordinary Meeting of Council be held on the first Tuesday of the month at 7pm.

2     Ordinary Policy Committees be held on the first Tuesday of each month as part of a Council Meeting to commence at 7pm, to be enacted once the Committee structure is resolved and Committee chairpersons have been elected by Council.

3     A public forum be scheduled, where required, at the commencement of the Council meeting of the first Tuesday of each month.

4     An Ordinary Council Meeting be held on the third Tuesday of each month commencing at 7pm.

5     Councillor briefings be held on the second Tuesday of each month if required, commencing at 6pm.




QUESTION TAKEN ON NOTICE                                                                                                 

A report was requested on the possibility of conducting Council Meetings in other areas of Orange.


QUESTION TAKEN ON NOTICE                                                                                                 

Cr Turner requested a report on the arrangements in place for the operation of the Ophir Road Resource Recovery Centre, particularly in relation to the procedures used by staff and contractors for the operation of the weighbridge and the Recovery Shop.


6       Closed Meeting



The Meeting Closed at 7.55 PM

This is Page Number 4 and the Final Page of the Minutes of the Ordinary Meeting of Orange City Council held on 26 September 2017.