Infrastructure Policy Committee

HELD IN Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Byng Street, Orange

ON 6 June 2017


 1      Introduction


Cr G Taylor (Chairperson), Cr J Davis OAM (Mayor), Cr J Hamling (Deputy Mayor), Cr C Gryllis, Cr A Brown, Cr K Duffy, Cr R Gander, Cr R Kidd, Cr S Munro, Cr R Turner, Cr J Whitton

General Manager, Director Corporate and Commercial Services, Director Development Services, Director Community, Recreation and Cultural Services, Director Technical Services,  Manager Administration and Governance, Manager Corporate and Community Relations, Water and Sewerage Strategic Manager, Manager Building and Environment, Senior Planner (Drum)  




RESOLVED - 17/224                                                                          Cr J Hamling/Cr C Gryllis

That the apology be accepted from Cr N Jones for the Infrastructure Policy Committee of Orange City Council on 6 June 2017.




2       Committee Minutes

2.1     Minutes of the Airport Community Committee - 10 May 2017

TRIM Reference:        2017/957

RESOLVED - 17/225                                                                            Cr C Gryllis/Cr S Munro

That the recommendations made by the Airport Community Committee at its meeting held on 10 May 2017 be adopted.




QUESTIONS TAKEN ON NOTICE                                                                                                 

Cr Gander requested information on whether any tenants of the Orange Airport had moved to Cowra following the approach from Cowra Council.


Cr Hamling requested the opening date for the Toll hangar.


3       General Reports

3.1     Current Works

TRIM Reference:        2017/1042

RESOLVED - 17/226                                                                         Cr J Hamling/Cr S Munro

That the information provided in the report on Current Works be acknowledged.



QUESTIONS TAKEN ON NOTICE                                                                                                 

Cr Gryllis requested an educational campaign be undertaken to inform the community of the benefits and purpose of the blisters being installed at various intersections. It was agreed to list the issue of intersection treatments for a future Councillor Briefing to discuss the various compliance and design issues.


Cr Munro requested information on when Ploughmans Lane will be resurfaced. A program of works is to be provided to Councillors.


Cr Gander requested information on the possibility of opening the Franklin Road/Peisley Street intersection. This will be added to the Councillor Briefing list for discussion.


Cr Taylor requested concept plans for the Hill Street/William Maker Drive intersection be placed on Council’s website.


Cr Duffy requested information on the future subdivision on the western side of William Maker Drive. The Development Control Plan for this area is to be circulated to Councillors.


3.2     Further clarification - Hydrants and Valves

TRIM Reference:        2017/807

RESOLVED - 17/227                                                                         Cr J Whitton/Cr S Munro

That the report on Further Clarification – Hydrants and Valves be acknowledged.





3.3     Security Bonds on Developments for Damage to Council Assets and Road Opening Permits

TRIM Reference:        2017/1009

RESOLVED - 17/228                                                                               Cr R Kidd/Cr S Munro

That the report on Security Bonds on Developments for Damage to Council Assets and Road Opening Permits be acknowledged.



3.4     Recreational use of Gosling Creek, Spring Creek and Suma Park Dams

TRIM Reference:        2017/783

RESOLVED - 17/229                                                                             Cr J Davis/Cr J Hamling

1     That the July 1996 Gosling Creek Reservoir Plan of Management be updated in accordance with the Local Government Act, 1993 and the Crown Lands Act 1989, with the aim of including additional water-based activities such as swimming and non-motorised boating on Gosling Creek Reservoir, as well as additional land-based activities to enable the site to achieve its full recreational potential by September 2018.

2     That the recreational use of Spring Creek Reservoir and Suma Park Dam be considered by Council after the implementation of recreational use at Gosling Creek Dam.

3     That a report on the timeline and actions to be finalised to allow recreational use of Spring Creek Reservoir and Suma Park Dam be provided to Council within three months.



The Meeting Closed at 9.30PM.