Extraordinary Council Meeting

HELD IN Council Chamber, Civic Centre, Byng Street, Orange

ON 6 September 2016


 1      Introduction


Cr J Davis OAM (Mayor), Cr C Gryllis (Deputy Mayor), Cr A Brown, Cr K Duffy (arrived 6.03pm), Cr R Gander, Cr J Hamling, Cr N Jones, Cr R Kidd, Cr S Munro (arrived at 6.20pm), Cr G Taylor, Cr R Turner, Cr J Whitton

General Manager, Director Corporate and Commercial Services, Director Development Services, Director Community, Recreation and Cultural Services, Acting Director Technical Services (Gardiner), Manager Administration and Governance, Manager Corporate and Community Relations, Manager Financial Services, Operations Manager, Communications Officer, Assistant Works Manager


RESOLVED - 16/352                                                                           Cr R Gander/Cr C Gryllis

That Council allow the audio and visual recording of the meeting by the media and Council staff, and allow the Central Western Daily to live stream the meeting.




1.3     Declaration of pecuniary interests, significant non-pecuniary interests and less than significant non-pecuniary interests



2       General Reports

2.1     2016 Election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor

TRIM Reference:        2016/1925

RESOLVED - 16/353                                                                            Cr J Davis/Cr J Whitton

1     That the method of voting for the election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor be Ordinary Ballot.

2     That the General Manager, acting as Returning Officer, conduct the 2016 Election for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor.






The General Manager announced nominations for the position of Mayor from Councillors Kevin Duffy, John Davis and Reg Kidd.


Following the vote, the General Manager declared Cr Davis the Mayor with 9 votes.



The General Manager announced nominations for the position of Deputy Mayor from Councillors Reg Kidd, Kevin Duffy, Chris Gryllis and Jason Hamling.


** Cr Munro arrived with the time being 6.20pm **


Following the vote, the General Manager declared Cr Hamling the Deputy Mayor with 7 votes.


2.2     Dates for Meetings of Council and the Time Required for Notice of Meetings

TRIM Reference:        2016/1928

RESOLVED - 16/354                                                                               Cr R Kidd/Cr R Turner

1        That meetings be held as follows:

a     One meeting per month of the Ordinary Policy Committees, being the Planning and Development Committee, Employment and Economic Development Policy Committee, Infrastructure Policy Committee, Sport and Recreation Policy Committee, Environmental Sustainability Policy Committee, Finance Policy Committee, Services Policy Committee, be held on the first Tuesday of each month as part of a Council Meeting, commencing at 7pm.

b     A public forum be scheduled, where required, at the commencement of the Council meeting of the first Tuesday of each month (prior to the Policy Committee Meetings).

c     The main Ordinary Council meeting on the third Tuesday of each month commencing at 7pm.

d     Briefings on the second Tuesday of each month if required, commencing at 6pm and if an additional briefing is required in the month, that it be held on the third Tuesday of the month prior to the Council Meeting commencing at 6pm.

2        That the notice of ordinary and extraordinary meetings of Council and Policy Committees be at least three days prior to the meeting (notice of less than three days may be given if an extraordinary meeting is called for an emergency).





2.3     Policy and Community Committees of Council

TRIM Reference:        2016/1926

RESOLVED - 16/355                                                                                 Cr R Kidd/Cr K Duffy

1        That Council establish the following Policy Committees:

          a        Planning and Development

          b        Employment and Economic Development

          c        Infrastructure

          d        Sport and Recreation

          e        Environmental Sustainability

          f        Finance

          g        Services

2        That the current Chairperson for each Policy Committee be re-appointed for the ensuing twelve months.

3        That Council re-establish the Community Committee structure as set out in this report, with Councillors to advise any change to Councillor representation on these Community Committees.

4        That Councillors advise any change to Councillors representation on external bodies.




RESOLVED - 16/356                                                                                Cr C Gryllis/Cr R Kidd

That Cr Kidd replace Cr Gryllis on the Audit and Risk Management Committee, with Cr Whitton the alternate delegate.


The Meeting Closed at 6.30 PM.


This is Page Number 3 and the Final Page of the Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting of Orange City Council held on 6 September 2016.