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Late Item


15 December 2015





Council Meeting                                                                                      15 December 2015

Late Item


2                Mayoral Minutes. 3

2.1            Memorial Hall Wartime Historical Collection. 3


Council Meeting                                                                                      15 December 2015



2       Mayoral Minutes

2.1     Memorial Hall Wartime Historical Collection

TRIM REFERENCE:        2015/3333



Mayoral Minute



That Council support a contribution of $5000 towards the cataloguing of the Memorial Hall Wartime Historical Collection and the conservation assessment of the collection; noting that the total cost of the activity is estimated at $20,000 with a co-contribution of $5,000 from the Memorial Hall Trust and the seeking of a $5,000 contribution from the Orange Ex-Services Club and the seeking of a $5,000 grant from the Department of Veteran Affairs is underway.


John Davis


The Memorial Hall Wartime Historical Collection is an important collection for Orange. The task of sustaining the collection and preserving its history is a detailed process and it is therefore necessary to properly catalogue each item and establish an assessment of the artefacts to conserve the collection. At this point in time there are some particular challenges with uniforms and other textile elements of the collection. Some artefacts of the collection are suitable for loan to the regional museum, which Council is currently building and elsewhere such as within the Orange Ex-Services Club premises.

The Memorial Hall and the collection is largely maintained by volunteers.