Ordinary Council Meeting


Late Item


21 July 2015





Council Meeting                                                                                                 21 July 2015

Late Item


4                Notices of Motion/Notices of Rescission.. 3

4.2            Waste Collection Project by Cr Whitton. 3


Council Meeting                                                                                                 21 July 2015



4       Notices of Motion/Notices of Rescission

4.2     Waste Collection Project by Cr Whitton

TRIM REFERENCE:        2015/1857



I, CR Jeff Whitton wish to move the following Notice of Motion at the Council Meeting of 21 July 2015:



1    That the Waste Services Contract/tender comes back to Council for discussion and consideration of contract arrangements and for clarity of conditions and service levels.

2    That Council investigate the option of operating its own Waste Management Service.



The purpose of this motion is to achieve clarity and a deeper understanding of the Waste Collection project, in light of the recent confirmation by Council staff in a memo to Councillors that the Waste Services Contract has not yet been signed and, also the overwhelming feedback from the community against facets of the ten year contract. I believe this decision needs further discussion and consideration by Councillors.  

Also, in the resolution of May 12th, Council deferred the finalisation of the contract until the red bin collection outcome is resolved. 



Signed Cr Jeff Whitton



There has been a miscommunication in relation to this Notice of Motion following discussion of the matter with senior staff.

Councillor Whitton has confirmed his notice of motion above. The original was provided to Council some time ago, supported by Councillor Taylor, in plenty of time for Council 21 July meeting.

In relation to the notice of motion, the contractual arrangements would be dealt with in a closed meeting, which if the notice of motion is carried, it is suggested take place in the first instance, followed by a supplementary listing/report to a subsequent meeting.

Council staff conducted a briefing on the matter on 14 July.