Extraordinary Council Meeting


Late Items


12 May 2015





Extraordinary Council Meeting                                                                   12 May 2015

Late Items


Mayoral Minutes. 3

L.1            Waste Services. 3


Extraordinary Council Meeting                                                                   12 May 2015



Mayoral Minutes

L.1     Waste Services

TRIM REFERENCE:        2015/1255



Mayoral Minute




That Council defer a final decision on the fortnightly versus weekly bin collection to allow an immediate voluntary trial as follows:

a    Promote to our community the continued adoption of waste separation for the green, red and yellow bins.

b    Council to provide help, similar to the education, advice and support that was given to our community for saving water in recent years.

c    During the trial, the current weekly bin pickup continue and that the voluntary trial be between now and January/February 2016

d    That staff assess the results of the trial and bring back a report for Council’s consideration.

e    That Council adopt the fees and charges for the Delivery/Operational Plan as that will allow either option, noting that a weekly service in the latter part of the next financial year will be an extra cost, should it happen.


John Davis


The current bin collection service will continue to next April as is, and this will allow a decision in February.

The new 10 year contract will start in April next year.

This will allow consultation with our community for Council to fully consider and come up with the most informed decision.

The consultation will allow Council to work out how to make sure all of our residents are best catered for.