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3 February 2015





Council Meeting                                                                                         3 February 2015

Late Items


5                General Reports. 3

5.5            Airport Conference. 3


Council Meeting                                                                                         3 February 2015



5       General Reports

5.5     Airport Conference

TRIM REFERENCE:        2015/247

AUTHOR:                       Garry Styles, General Manager    




This report identifies an opportunity for Councillors to actively engage with other colleagues to learn about new opportunities for development of the recently expanded Orange Airport including promotion of the airport through events such as the proposed airshow in 2015 through attendance at the Regional Airport Development 2015 Conference.

Link To Delivery/OPerational Plan

The recommendation in this report relates to the Delivery/Operational Plan strategy “10.2 Our Economy – Facilitate and support the attraction and development of events, festivals, venues and activities for residents and visitors, ensuring access and participation for older people”.

Financial Implications

The opportunity has arisen to attend this conference at a discounted rate if 3 delegates register, which is within existing budget allocations.

Policy and Governance Implications




That Council endorse the attendance of Cr Gryllis and Cr Gander at the Regional Airport Development 2015 Conference.


further considerations

Consideration has been given to the recommendation’s impact on Council’s service delivery; image and reputation; political; environmental; health and safety; employees; stakeholders and project management; and no further implications or risks have been identified.


The Regional Airport Development 2015 Conference presents an excellent opportunity for Council to explore ways of improving both the level of aviation and non-aviation activity on and around the Orange airport, as well as learn from other regional airport operators how they have adapted and succeeded in delivering significant regional development opportunities through their airport. The theme of the conference “Growing Stronger Regions through Airport Expansions and Developments” fits very well with the work Council is in the process of completing through the airport expansion project, as well as the future development opportunities this key piece of regional infrastructure offers not only to Orange but the Central West region generally.

As Chair of the Airport Committee, Cr Gryllis, along with the Mayor, have expressed an interest in attending this conference. Unfortunately the Mayor is unavailable but has nominated Cr Gander to attend on his behalf given Cr Gander’s ongoing interest in the airport generally as well his active involvement to date in the promotion of an airshow at the airport in 2016 as a major opportunity to promote the airport to the wider community.

Council’s Director Technical Services will also attend.