Extraordinary Council Meeting


Late Items


27 November 2018





Extraordinary Council Meeting                                                      27 November 2018

Late Items


3                Notices of Motion/Notices of Rescission.. 3

L.1             Level 3 Water Restrictions. 3


Extraordinary Council Meeting                                                      27 November 2018



3       Notices of Motion/Notices of Rescission

L.1     Level 3 Water Restrictions

RECORD NUMBER:       2018/2987



I, CR Glenn Taylor wish to move the following Notice of Motion at the Council Meeting of 27 November 2018:



That Council defer stage 3 water restrictions until mid-January 2019 at which time the decision can be again reviewed.




I have been approached by a number of residents expressing their concern that these restrictions will be highly inconvenient just prior to and during the Christmas season.


Signed Cr Glenn Taylor


The main difference with level 2 and 3 water restrictions is the ban on hand-held hoses, with the aim of reducing demand from a theoretical 240 to 220 litres per person per day. The trigger point for level 3 restrictions was reached today, Tuesday 27 November 2018, as predicted with a combined storage of 49.93%.

These restrictions are currently planned to commence this Saturday 1 December 2018.

It is understandable that Council would give consideration to such a motion as the actual water demand from residents through October/November has been only 209 litres per second per day and this will reward those water-wise residents.

However, by delaying the commencement of water restrictions, without any significant forecast wet weather, will only fast track the commencement of subsequent level 4 (at 40% combined storage) and level 5 restrictions (at 35% combined storage).

Council needs to consider its reputation with State Water Authorities when we are looking to relax conditions of consent at level 5 restrictions and above if we have actively brought about these conditions by not following our own water policies.

It should be noted that Bathurst commenced level 3 water restrictions yesterday, Monday 26 November 2018, whilst Dubbo currently have no water restrictions in place.